Do it Yourself. Do it Better. 3D print it.


What do I get?

You get permanent access to a shared folder in MEGA with thousands of premium models for 3D printers, and also, the new models that will be added in the future.

How do I get it?

I will send an invitation from to your email, check your inbox and spam folders. You just need to go to and create an account with that same email (or use the account that you already had with that email).


MEGA has a downside, mainly the daily download limitation. But it has also good things. 

- It has an inbuilt chat for any inquiry you have.

- Files are safer in here.

- Megasync is a great app tool.

- In other hosting services like Gdrive, every user can see the other users that are added to the shared drive. There are people that may not want their Google profile exposed that's why. MEGA is much better in terms of privacy.

Yeah... But I want to download everything right now!

You may pay a single month in MEGA to do a big quick download and in the next months the daily limitation of the free account should be enough for downloading the new updates. Or you can download this day by day by putting a big folder to download each day.

But it's better if you take this service as a "cloud service".

There is no real need to download everything in one go, I'm not running away, people that have been with me for months know it well. Download the things that you want to print, you don't have to use all that physical space in your hard drive. If one day I have to stop the service, I'll be sure to warn everyone with time enough to download everything.

Where is the folder?

In MEGA, a folder called 3D Models should show at the left of your screen, in the "shared" tab. 

I got stuck in the MEGA logo "loading"!!!

This may happen only the first time you join MEGA after being added to the folder. MEGA needs some time to decrypt the folder in your account. It's a lot of data so it may need time, just come back later.

Folder shows as "Undecrypted"?

Contact me using the chat in MEGA and we will solve it.

Where and how often are the updates?

You should receive notifications (at the top-right corner of your screen) when a new file is uploaded. Most new files are uploaded in the "New Updates" folder.

I want to contribute by sharing some files. How to do it?

Upload them in MEGA or Gdrive, share the link with me using the MEGA chat and I will share them with everyone.

Certain file is corrupted. Can it be repaired?

Just ask me using the MEGA chat and I'll try to solve it. Most times it will be fixed if my file isn't corrupted too.

I got a notification saying that some files were deleted!

Don't worry. From time to time I re-organize the folders, and sometimes, I may find duplicated files or I may copy files in one place to delete them in another or I may delete corrupted files, etc. I won't delete any unique file that works correctly.

The folder is smaller than expected!

Bro, most files are zipped. The real size of the files in the folder is much bigger than what it shows.